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HCensoredelmyer or any variation of the name
« on: July 05, 2010, 03:16:18 PM »
Our Alejandro HCensoredelmyer y Martinez married Laura Cuevas y Ramos of Lares. Her parents were: Maria del Carmen Ramos Rios and Salustiano Cuevas Luciano. Alejandro's parents were: Luisa Martinez y Rosario and Miguel HCensoredelmayer. They lived in Rio Piedras and he came from Curacao. He was known as "Holandes" and spoken of as the one from Holland or family from Holland but there are mixed stories on his origin. The only documents I can find on Miguel is in Merchant Marine rosters from 1917 - 1920 or so and a War Registration for WWI and WWII both, and the 1930 US Federal Census with his family listed. I would love to receive help learning more about any of these elder ones, esp. Miguel. There is an Alejandro HCensoredelmayer [spelling?] from Curacao also in the Merchant Marines rosters but I have no clue as to whether they are related to each other.  Sound familiar to any one out there ?
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