Author Topic: Maria Luisa Bermudez Rodriguez in Juana Diaz, P.R.  (Read 2665 times)


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Maria Luisa Bermudez Rodriguez in Juana Diaz, P.R.
« on: May 05, 2010, 06:09:03 PM »
On my father's side, his father Pedro Juan Santiago Febo, b. March 1886 in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico married Maria Luisa Bermudez Rodriguez b. abt. 1880s in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico. Pedro Juan Santiago Febo parents were Eugenia Febo and Marcelino Santiago Rodriguez in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico. They were married for over 30yrs and had 6 children/4 were still living in 1910 Census. One of their children, possibly a daughter Panasia? and her husband and children lived with her parents. Do you know these relatives/family of mine??? I heard that my grandmother Maria Luisa and her daughter Provy had died in Puerto Rico. Provy had seven children (Roberto, Rubin, Tony, Gladys, Norma, Yolanda and Silvia) didn't know their last names that they used. My grandmother had a home in Puerto Rico, but don't know the town/city they lived in at the time of death or when she was alive. I would like to research and find any info on these relatives/family of mine. I have been working on this side of my family for over 8yrs. Still I can't find any info on them. My father was Miguel Angel Santiago b. 17November1918 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He died Jan 1997 in Broward County, Hollywood, Florida. He was a Merchant Marine til he retired. He was in WWII, Viet Nam, Gulf War & Desert Storm. I didn't know much about him or his family while growing up. Can someone out there or in Puerto Rico give me some info on the above family of mine or get me some info or documented docs on each of my grandparents or Aunt Provy (Providencia or Felicitas). My Aunt was older than my father, possibly born 1906/08 don't know where in Puerto Rico either. Father, Grandparents, Aunt Provy, my Mother and other relatives are all gone. I think that Provy's children are still alive in Puerto Rico or elsewhere, maybe I'm wrong. Please help me to find the town/city that my relatives lived or died in.... My email is: Anxiously awaiting any response. SantiagoLujan4u
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