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My father was Acisclo Striker Y Perez from Mayaguez PR Born 1911 died 1986, his parents were Acisclo Striker Y Hernandez and Maria Alejandrina Perez Y Velez.

My father married several women two of them from Mayaguez, Miguelina Torres Y Almodovar and, Elena Santana Y Pagan, the other women were from the United States.

My Grandfather Acisclo Striker Y Hernandez born 1866 died 1953 was also married a few times all of them being from Mayaguez PR their names were, Isabel Martinez Y Rodriguez, Guadalupe Velez, Cielo Colon, Maria Alejandrina Perez Y Velez (this was my grandmother), Monserrate Lopez, and Andrea last name unknown.

My Great Grandfather was Felix Striker died before 1910 census who married Isabel Hernandez Y Perez was also from Mayaguez PR.

I'm looking for anyone that is connected to any of these people, to share my research with, and would like to add their information to my research.

If you would like to contact me please email me at

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