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Need help with family search
« on: April 06, 2011, 09:03:53 PM »
I am in desperate need of information about my ancestors. My living relatives do not seem to have much information to give me so I can trace back. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

My great grand father was Antonio Garcia Y Aldama born August 22nd 1888 or 1889 in Puerto Rico I believe. He pCensoreded away sometime around 1952 in New York. I do not have a clue who his father was. His mother was Estervina Aldama. The spelling of her name may not be 100% accurate. Aldama may actually be Ardamas. Estervina's birthday might be Nov 11th 1856 or Mar 22nd 1865. This is unclear. I found 2 pCensoredenger lists with this name and I am not sure if it is her or not.

My great grand mother was Maria Padilla Y Enrique De Garcia. She was born in Puerto Rico. Her father was Sandolio Padilla. Once again spelling may not be accurate. Her mother was Juana Enrique. Again, not sure if the spelling is correct, it could be Enriquez or Henriquez or Henrique. Any help here would be great too.

I think my great grand father Antonio had sisters names Pasita and Pilar as well as a brother named Jose. All may or may not have been born in Puerto Rico.

Areas in Puerto Rico of interest is Mayaguez, Cobo Rojo and Aguadilla. Sorry if I spelled these wrong. :)

Thank you in advanced for any help you can provide.
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