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Title: Roberto Torres
Post by: cobweb on March 22, 2011, 07:16:51 AM
Hello,  My name is Bill, I am a USMC Vietnam war veteran. I have for the past several years tried to locate the burial location of a Marine that lost his life in Vietnam on Sept. 2 1968. First let me give a brief history of my effort. For the past five years or so I have been working with a few other veterans on this project. We are trying to locate all the members of the 7th Marine Regiment that lost there lives in Vietnam. There were 1591in total, of that number we have located 1590. We only have one to go. This projet is for historical records. The results will be published in a manuscript or book and a copy will be donated to the 7th Marine Regiment Headquarters, Marine History Section Quantico, VA. and one for the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, Va. It is very important that all men are included in this record. We have, so far, located Marines in 49 States, West Berlin, France, Canada, Columbia S.A., America Samao, Panama, Philippines, Mexico and nine Marines from Puerto Rico.
  The one we have left was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Brooklyn, N.Y. at a very young age with his family, information is as follows.
Name , Roberto Torres
Born ,Catano, Puerto Rico
BOB,  Jan. 7 1949
DOD, Sept. 2 1968
Fathers Name , Angel L. Alvarez-Torres
Address, 566 Park Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y.
H/Sister, Aurea Caraballo, Queens, N.Y.
H/ Brother, Wilson Lopez, Brooklyn, N.Y.

We need no personal information on this Marine or his family, just his final resting place.
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Title: Re: Roberto Torres
Post by: Marcus on April 11, 2011, 07:49:46 AM
Hi look I want to pCensored on this woman's contact information to you Maria Rios send her an email at and tell her a little bit about who and what your looking for.

This is my personal recommendation as a researcher and not based on any recommendation from HGSNY. I can only say that Maria has taken me back further than anyone has.
Title: Re: Roberto Torres
Post by: PRGenSearcher on January 11, 2017, 09:42:11 PM
Hi Bill,

I realize you probably already have the answer to your question, BUT, if for some reason you don't please let me know as I have a good match for what you are looking for.

I appreciate your good work and service.


Tony Rivera