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Lares / Re: Mendez Perez and Valle Retamar
« Last post by davidbyronstone on September 13, 2014, 05:40:44 AM »
Hello, this is Dave Stone. I noticed your post and also your tree on I have not yet been able to find any additional information on her but what you could do that might help is to go on ancestry and type in her name under search all results. What will come up is your tree but up in the right corner it says " see more like this ". Click on that and on the next page you'll see a private tree called Nuestra Familia Retamar. There is an email address of the owner of that tree that you could contact and in my experiences they usually get back with you. There is a chance that they could have additional information for you since there are more than 900 people in this tree. Hope this helps.
Lares / Mendez Perez and Valle Retamar
« Last post by Mt4martin on September 12, 2014, 09:16:32 AM »
I'm looking for the following family:  Family Retamar: I need help. My Grandmother is Juana Valle Retamar, her mother was : Maria Hilaria Retamar, they lived in Lares in the 1880, but I think that Maria was from San Sebastian. She was in a common law marriage with : Anastacio Valle Martinez of San Sebastian. They had the following children: Delfin, Juana (common law marriage with Leocadio Mendez Perez), Victor, Jovita (Married Francisco Vargas Velez), Andres, Juan, Maria (Married Jose Manuel Sanabria Arocho). They all were born around 1885-1891 some in San Sebastian or Lares, I found that Maria Hilaria Retamar (1866) father was Francisco Retamar Valentin of San Sebastian and that maybe her mother was Maria Valentina Perez. I have no information on Maria Hilaria other than she was the mother of my grandmother.

Any info is welcome. You can reached me at or call me at 813-909-1724 Thank you Minerva (Mendez Arroyo) Martin
Puerto Rican Research - General / Salomon Feliciano and Dionicia Torres
« Last post by davidbyronstone on September 03, 2014, 02:01:28 PM »
Hello! I am helping a friend and her family with their family history and have reached a roadblock. They are related to Salomon Feliciano who was married to Dionicia Torres in 1908 in Ponce. So far I have only been able to locate the names of their parents but nothing after that. They were both original Pentecostal Missionaries along with a man named Juan Lugo. Any information on them and their lineage would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Cabo Rojo / Re: Padilla Rodriguez Zapata families of Cabo Rojo
« Last post by rojo746 on September 02, 2014, 12:59:05 PM »
I just returned from a family reunion in La Parguera, there were Rodriguerz,Padilla, Garcia, Rivera, Vega , Acost and many more. My grandmother was Vega y Padilla my grandfathers sister Fela was married to a Zapata they had two daughters twins Justina and Apollina..

if you want to Talk contact me...Pedro Rodriguez
Puerto Rican Research - General / Reaching out
« Last post by Guest on August 24, 2014, 07:08:33 PM »
I've noticed that the last posting here was a couple of years ago. I'm just checking to see if this website is still active. I posted a comment yesterday and it just vanished. I'm helping a friend and her family with their family history and their roots are of Puerto Rican Ancestry and run :?  through New York so I was hoping to get some help here. Look forward to hearing from someone.
Puerto Rican Research - General / Joaquin Feliciano And Ardenion Leroy
« Last post by Guest on August 23, 2014, 07:55:55 PM »
I'm looking for any information on Joaquin Felicano and his wife Ardenion ( Adrian ) Leroy. They were married around the late 1930's and lived in the Bronx. She was born in Louisiana and had a sister named Thurza and her mother's name was Jennette. Thanks!

Fajardo / Carmen Correa-Cintron bc1830
« Last post by errehc on February 11, 2013, 03:38:57 AM »

I am looking for further information on Carmen Correa-Cintron.  Based on information found on her grandchildren's birth certificates from the Civil Registro, it would appear she was from Fajardo.  She married Cayetano Suarez.  She had at least one daughter, Anicasia Suarez-Correa.  And that's all I have!  Any further info would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you and good luck in your searches!

Beginners Forum / Yili Family Search
« Last post by Guest on August 21, 2012, 10:49:04 PM »
My grandfathers name is Jose Yili who married Dolores DeJesus.  They lived in Guayama.  My paternal Grandmother's last name is Leoteud.  Any help is appreciated
Beginners Forum / Re: Help in Puerto Rico
« Last post by Guest on August 06, 2012, 04:10:55 PM »
Hi everyone,

I'm so glad I found this forum.
I have been looking everywhere for my grandfather.
If anyone can help me I will really appreciate it.
His name is Eddie A Cuevas Nieves he should be about 65 now.
He was born Utuado.. At least that's what it says on my mothers birth certificate.

We will really like to meet that side of the family:
My grandmother from my mothers side says she thinks he has has a son. She doesn't remeber his first name but his last names can possibly be Cuevas Carrrasquillo.

I don't have much more information.

From what I've seen online. If he Is alive he might be in NY.

Thanks to everyone In advance,
Juncos / Rafael Falero
« Last post by vbullard on June 09, 2012, 12:28:16 PM »
I am researching Rafael Falero who was the Mayor of Juncos in 1842-1843 as a possible father to Juana Falero y Velez born 18 May 1875.  I would appreciate any info on this man, his wife, and descendants.  Juana Falero's father was named Rafael Falero and her mother was Ana Velez.  Juana was listed as a native of Juncos on the ships manifest for her migration to New York in 1920.  Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
Vicki Bullard
Long Island, NY
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